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Founded in June 2009 by a group of individuals that love their vehicles. The love of custom paint, rims, car audio systems, car shows and expo’s these group of people traveled to different events only to be asked how much did all of this cost and a funny look upon the person face and the next statement being they must be drug dealers. So we formed the group you see upon you today no drug dealing, criminal activity, that group known as the 

Mission: To be a positive influence to the youth of today. All members are men and women in the community who are employees, self employed and/or attending school. We work hard, and play harder and have lots of fun as well. To see more of what we are click on the links above.
Untouchables Car, Truck & Bike (CTB) Club Definition: We don’t think we are untouchable or some sort of gods, we just like the name, we are down to earth and we love to have fun just enter the website to see for yourself....

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